WTF Friday–Kim and Kanye’s Vogue Cover

I know I’m VERY late on this one and I know I promised not to inflict her on you chaps again, but seriously Anna Wintour, WTF? What is with Kim and Kanye’s Vogue Cover?


Since when did Vogue become People magazine? Is all publicity REALLY good publicity? I guess at least we know that money talks, though I’m really interested to know what the sales figures for this month’s issue end up being. Vogue’s Facebook page has been hilarious reading recently though. The fashionistas are NOT amused.  

And now I REALLY promise not to mention her on the pages of this blog again.


Stitch Fix #1

I know I am super late to this party, but I thought I’d share with you my experience with Stitch Fix, which goes by the tagline ‘now every woman can have her own personal stylist’.

Stitch Fix photography by

This service was recommended to me by a couple of people and I have to admit to being sceptical in the EXTREME. I loathe shopping for clothes as nothing ever seems to be made with me in mind – I’m short (5’ 1”) and extremely boobalicious, with no discernible waist. Add to this the fact that I seem to have put back all the weight I lost a year or two back round my middle (I don’t think my body processes insulin very well, which I’m just starting to work on through diet and exercise) and you can see why I have such trouble with clothes.

Essentially with Stitch Fix, you fill out an comprehensive online questionnaire about your fashion likes and dislikes, sizes, budget and style preferences (which was very fun actually), give your stylist links to your social media feeds and Pinterest boards (I sent my stylist links to my ‘I Want to Wear’ and ‘Bejewelled’ boards). And then  your stylist sends you five personally chosen pieces to match your profile.

The items arrive beautifully  boxed (next time I’ll take pictures) with a prepaid envelope to send anything you don’t want back. You have three days after receiving your Fix to decide. You pay a $20 ‘styling fee’ up front, which is offset against the cost of anything you decide to keep, and if you keep all five pieces you get a 25% discount. If you send everything back then you still pay the $20.

I figured that it would be fun, even if I ended up taking only 1-2 pieces. However, in the end I was very pleasantly surprised.

Here’s what I got.

Henry & Belle Kent Roll-Cuff Capri Jean $178

My heart sank when I saw there were jeans. Jeans, particularly mail order jeans, never EVER fit me.

Stitch Fix photography by

I was reluctant even to try them on, but when I did, I was astonished. They’re a light denim with a nice summery wash and LOTS OF GIVE and they just slid right on. The fact that they were cropped helped the usual length issues I have.

Expensive but a definite KEEP. I’d pay anything for comfortable well-fitting jeans. It was good to be introduced to a hitherto unknown-to-me jeans brand too. Just need to turn up the cuff one more step as it’s a bit deep currently.

Stitch Fix photography by

They also come with a cute card of styling ideas. I let the stylist know in my checkout notes that I liked the look of both the tops on this card and the aqua scarf.

Stitch Fix photography by

Pomelo Julia Utility Jacket ($78)

Stitch Fix photography by

Stitch Fix photography by

This was my other favourite item in the box. It looks a bit shapeless on the hanger but I loved how it looked on (not so much buttoned, but due the boob situation I don’t button most of my jackets anyway). It’s the PERFECT alternative to cardigans for Seattle spring and autumn and I’ve already worn it a couple of times to many compliments.

Here I am wearing it with the aforementioned jeans, a black tunic dress thingy and my gorgeous new Fluevogs. Pam Ann on the stairs also approves.

Stitch Fix photography by

Stitch Fix photography by

Daniel Rainn Barcelona Solid Short Sleeved Blouse $78

Stitch Fix photography by

Of all the items in my box this was the least ‘me’ mostly because for some reason I don’t usually wear that bright jewel blue. I think it looks a bit cheap on my skin tone. Also on its own it clung rather too much to the boobs and muffin top. But I could see that it would be a super useful piece and it would look great if I manage to lose an inch or two off said boobs and muffin top (or resort to judicious use of Spanx) and it looked much better under a jacket (though I think the bright blue and coral might be a bit too much). So in the end I decided to KEEP it, though I’m not entirely sure it was the right decision.

Stitch Fix photography by

Stitch Fix photography by

Stitch Fix photography by

Pomelo Corinna Striped Dolman Top ($48)

Stitch Fix photography by

Stitch Fix photography by

At first I thought this top was very ‘me’ as this shade of grey suits me, but the cut and the horizontal stripes did make me look rather bosomy and plump. However this thing is soft as butter, extremely warm and cosy and perfect for wearing round the house with jeans or leggings. I haven’t taken it off since I got it. Don’t think I’ll wear it in company though. Another KEEP.

Stitch Fix photography by

31 Bits Annabelle Long Beaded Necklace ($28)

Stitch Fix photography by

This necklace is made by women in Uganda from from handmade paper beads and glass beads.  The colour was fab with the rest of my fix and I really liked the length – longer, but sitting just above the boobs rather than drawing attention right to them. So I will wear it occasionally. However, it did seem a little bit ‘Etsy’ to me. This ended up being another KEEP because with the 25% discount for keeping five items it really wasn’t worth sending them back (likewise the two tops above). And it felt good to be helping women in Uganda.

Stitch Fix photography by

So all in all my stylist Kim managed to pick out two ‘greats’ and three ‘almosts’ which I thought was a very good hit rate for a first box and I ended up keeping everything. When you check out you can also provide feedback on your pieces, so I’m hoping that April’s box will be even better. Kim enclosed the sweet note above, though I was a little confused when she mentioned a previous fix as I’ve never had one before.

Apart from anything else this service is just super FUN and perfect if you’re like me and dislike shopping. if you’d like to give it a go my referral link is here. If you use it, I get a small discount on my next Fix and I will also love you forever. (The above Fix was paid for by me, and all opinions are resolutely my own). Oh and apologies for really crappy iPhone photos. Next time I’ll get out the tripod.


Go Fug Your Room! – SJP NYC

I do believe it’s time for a Go Fug Your Room! It’s been so long that I’m sure we’ve all forgotten how to do them.

Go Fug Your Room! - SJP NYC photography by

Anyway this one seems particularly fitting as I was in la Grande Pomme only last weekend and am flying back out this weekend for Blogtour and of course we’ve all dreamed of having a New York brownstone of our very own.

The pics are screen caps taken from a ‘73 Questions’ interview on Vogue TV. You’ll get an idea of the house from the screen caps but I do recommend that you watch the video as SJP comes across as cute and charming and the sort of person I would tragically like to be BFFs with (though I would have to have WORDS with her about her old-fashioned and derivative new shoe collection).

First of all I think we can all agree that the house has MAGNIFICENT bones – that arch, those stairs, those ceilings, those windows, THAT. LIGHT. And I do find it refreshing that it seems so normal and lived in. How wonderful to see a celebrity who has books and art, whose house doesn’t appear to be styled to within an inch of its life, and who could conceivably occasionally allow her three kids to share the space.

So SJP, take it away.

Go Fug Your Room! - SJP NYC photography by

Loving the hallway, not sure if that’s a rug or tiles on the stairs, but they look like quintessentially Victorian encaustic tiles and so work for me, though I thought that was more of a London thing rather than New York.

Go Fug Your Room! - SJP NYC photography by

I’m struggling with this room though Sarah J.  I just don’t like that green on the wall, it just seems too bright and unsophisticated really, especially when matched with peacock blue velvet and hot pink accents, including a pink zebra-striped pouffe thingy (just say those words out loud and you’ll know how WRONG that sounds).

Go Fug Your Room! - SJP NYC photography by

And maybe there are rather too many books and little pictures and tchotchkes and THINGS just cluttering things up.  The bar is quite fun though.

Go Fug Your Room! - SJP NYC photography by

Go Fug Your Room! - SJP NYC photography by

OK Ms P. No need to look like that, it’s just MY OPINION (which is what the Minx says when she is about to say something breathtakingly rude).

Go Fug Your Room! - SJP NYC photography by

Let’s move on shall we? Arch gorgeous, artwork lovely, light, windows and fireplace amazing. Possibly one too many ping pong tables.  (Seriously?)

Go Fug Your Room! - SJP NYC photography by

Go Fug Your Room! - SJP NYC photography by

But yes, SJP I would be proud of this end of the room too. So pretty. I’m particularly loving the celery green and robin’s egg blue (behind the door) accents – much nicer colours than the green on the sitting room walls. 

Go Fug Your Room! - SJP NYC photography by

Go Fug Your Room! - SJP NYC photography by

Here’s the full video, which I do recommend. Her English accent is terrible though.

So, in your considered opinion is this house fugly or not? Feel free to show additional workings in the comments.

Update: Oh and thanks to commenter Becky for reminding me that I blogged about SJP’s glorious house in the Hamptons more years ago than I care to remember. She is one lucky girl.


WTF Friday-Kim Kardashian’s Handbag


I thought it was about time for a good old-fashioned WTF Friday, just in case the following passed you by in all the Christmas madness.

Kim Kardashian's Handbag

While I was thrilled to get camera equipment for Christmas, Kim Kardashian was ‘lucky’ enough to receive a specially-commissioned one-of-a-kind gift from fiance Kanye West, her very own Birkin bag, hand-desecrated er, painted, by artist George Condo! Which apparently shows a naked Kim being punched in the face by naked momager Kris Jenner. Because, of course.

Kim Kardashian's Handbag

If you too would like to possess such a ‘gift’ then the basic Birkin will apparently set you back a meagre $40,000, while a George Condo original recently sold for more than $1 million, which makes it all the more sad that poor Kim is having to walk round with holes in her jeans.

And now I promise never to mention Kim Kardashian on the blog again. Apologies.


Mad Men Season 6


I SO cannot wait. 

And aren’t these promo shots by Frank Ockenfels freaking GORGEOUS!



girls -mad-men-season-6



peggy -mad-men-season-6





Sadly it looks like Megan Draper is going to be just as pouty and irritating as she was last season (she is SO high on my ‘irrational hatreds’ list she needs oxygen).

Here’s writer/director/producer Matthew Weiner talking about this season, a fascinating interview with photographer Frank Ockenfels about making the shots, and here’s my post on Megan and Don’s new apartment which was featured in the LA Times (thereby marking one of the pinnacles of my blogging career).

The show premieres on April 7th in the US.


WTF Friday: Alexander McQueen Fall 2012




Though in this case the W stands for ‘Wow!’

Yeah, I know these aren’t exactly wearable, unless you’re Lady Gaga, but the workmanship in these clothes is utterly breathtaking, and I suppose the half-finger gloves would be perfect if you bite your nails.

If you see me walking down the street wearing a jewelled head cage and pearly fishnets you know who to blame.

Enjoy the fabulous crazy.











WTF Friday: Versace Fall 2013


I’ve finally got my head back into the blogging game and have much to share with you next week. However, I couldn’t let this Friday go past without a quick WTF?

Today, we are going to be discussing lacy underwear for men.  As shown in Versace’s Fall 2013 Menswear collection.




By which I mean you will have to discuss it because I am rendered utterly speechless.


versacemenswearfall2013-2 versacemenswearfall2013-3
versacemenswearfall2013-4 versacemenswearfall2014-5


I do appreciate, though, that Donatella, in keeping with couture tradition, added a more bridal look at the end of the show.





Adventures in Knitting: Garden Party Socks


Or why I *heart* Air Canada (and yes, Canadian readers, I have been told this is a controversial opinion).




Our flight back from the UK to Vancouver this summer was an eventful one, as we were returning on Air Canada flight chock-full of Canadian medal winners.  I spent most the flight working on a pair of socks. I had started these socks back in Del Mar for Spring Break and had knitted the whole of the first sock and and was about three-quarters of the way through the second, representing hours and hours and HOURS of work. Towards the end of the flight, exhausted, I packed my knitting into its Ziploc bag and tucked into the seatback pocket in front of me (you can see where this is going can’t you?).  AT the end of the flight we headed off into the maelstrom of an airport waiting to greet its returning Olympians and I didn’t give my socks another thought.




Of course, when we got home and I started to unpack, my knitting was nowhere to be found.  I called Air Canada in a panic and spoke to a very friendly person in India who took all my details, but didn’t seem to have access to any lost and found information. I was told that lost items would be cleared from the plane and then sent to a central lost property facility and I would be informed if they turned up.

I have to admit to feeling disproportionately grumpy about the whole thing.  It’s at times like this that you realise how much handmade things really mean; how very fond I had grown of my hippy clown barf socks made from one of a kind yarn; how certain I was that I could never be bothered to re-knit them; and how much of my time and myself I had invested in them.




Three weeks went by with no info, so I called again, spoke to another friendly person in India who had no access to specific details and was told that it was still possible the socks were making their way through the system.  But by this stage I had sort of given up.

And then, about three weeks after that, a small package was left on my porch, with small Air Canada label on it.  Could it really be?  With my heart thumping I opened the package and there were my socks, returned to me courtesy Air Canada’s Central Baggage Office in Montreal.  I tell you the Prodigal Son’s father wasn’t half as pleased to see him as I was to see them.

Here are my cuties in all their finished glory. 

The yarn, Mansfield Garden Party by Madeline Tosh, is extraordinary. It changes colour every few centimetres through moss greens, sky blues, pastel pinks and lilacs and mustardy yellows and browns – yes, just like a garden in full bloom- and doesn’t pool excessively into huge splodges of colour. I used Cookie A’s BFF pattern which I thought worked fabulously with the yarn.  It was interesting to knit , mixed up the yarn even more and was not overpowered by the variegated colour.

Goodness I love these guys. And how I LOVE Air Canada.

A friend was saying that a similar thing happened to her and now she always tucks a business card into her knitting bag.  Why didn’t I think of that?

As a special bonus here are some pics the Canadian Olympians returning home.  That was crazy fun.

canadianolympiansvancouver-2 canadianolympiansvancouver-3



Emmys 2012: Canary Yellow Dresses


So you’re an uber stylish mega lady celebrity attending one of the big celebrity bashes of the year and you decide to wear a colour which is rarely seen on the red carpet but which will really make you stand out in the crowd.

Unfortunately for you, you have forgotten that mirrormirror is clearly the uber stylish mega lady celebrity’s fashion blog of choice (which is astonishing since we rarely discuss fashion) and that back in September 2011 we were discussing Caitlin Moran’s maxim that ‘yellow goes surprisingly well with everything’.



So if you thought you were going to stand out in the crowd wearing your canary yellow dress, you clearly had another think coming.

Can you imagine how pissed off these women were yesterday evening?

UPDATE: Oops. Just found another one.