Emmys 2012: Canary Yellow Dresses


So you’re an uber stylish mega lady celebrity attending one of the big celebrity bashes of the year and you decide to wear a colour which is rarely seen on the red carpet but which will really make you stand out in the crowd.

Unfortunately for you, you have forgotten that mirrormirror is clearly the uber stylish mega lady celebrity’s fashion blog of choice (which is astonishing since we rarely discuss fashion) and that back in September 2011 we were discussing Caitlin Moran’s maxim that ‘yellow goes surprisingly well with everything’.



So if you thought you were going to stand out in the crowd wearing your canary yellow dress, you clearly had another think coming.

Can you imagine how pissed off these women were yesterday evening?

UPDATE: Oops. Just found another one.





  1. Deri says

    IMO, each and every one of them would have looked better in a different colour. Any colour. Ms Moran may be many things, but would not pin her as anyone’s fashion guru.

  2. says

    Oh Julieanne… oh. The hair needs a cut more than mine, and I abhor sitting in a stylists’ chair….The dress. The dress looks like she has become the high priestess of Sunflowers or joined some order of nuns who forces cheer upon us all. Oh. Dear. We won’t mention the fact that the exterior of my house is STILL THIS COLOR almost 2 years later (Spring 2013 I SWEAR).

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