A Right Charlize


Off to bed.  Where I shall be wondering why Charlize Theron thought it would be a good idea to wear giant unfurled violet condoms on her bosoms.

Maybe more Oscar thoughts tomorrow if the world and his wife hasn’t already said all there is to say (the perils of being based on the West Coast).  I’m @mirrormirrorxx on Twitter if you want to check out my prime time tweeting.



  1. says

    I thought she’d stolen Princess Leah’s hair for a bust increasing attempt.
    Seriously dreadful – and yet it’s apparently getting a thumbs up from the Telegraph fashion writers. I despair.
    Pretty much a washout on the frocks this year I thought. But do get your claws out – I always love to hear what you think.
    Oh and the other DISASTER was the pink ruffles which again got major kudos and I thought looked like some form of internal organ in frock form.

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