Stitch Fix #1

I know I am super late to this party, but I thought I’d share with you my experience with Stitch Fix, which goes by the tagline ‘now every woman can have her own personal stylist’.


This service was recommended to me by a couple of people and I have to admit to being sceptical in the EXTREME. I loathe shopping for clothes as nothing ever seems to be made with me in mind – I’m short (5’ 1”) and extremely boobalicious, with no discernible waist. Add to this the fact that I seem to have put back all the weight I lost a year or two back round my middle (I don’t think my body processes insulin very well, which I’m just starting to work on through diet and exercise) and you can see why I have such trouble with clothes.

Essentially with Stitch Fix, you fill out an comprehensive online questionnaire about your fashion likes and dislikes, sizes, budget and style preferences (which was very fun actually), give your stylist links to your social media feeds and Pinterest boards (I sent my stylist links to my ‘I Want to Wear’ and ‘Bejewelled’ boards). And then  your stylist sends you five personally chosen pieces to match your profile.

The items arrive beautifully  boxed (next time I’ll take pictures) with a prepaid envelope to send anything you don’t want back. You have three days after receiving your Fix to decide. You pay a $20 ‘styling fee’ up front, which is offset against the cost of anything you decide to keep, and if you keep all five pieces you get a 25% discount. If you send everything back then you still pay the $20.

I figured that it would be fun, even if I ended up taking only 1-2 pieces. However, in the end I was very pleasantly surprised.

Here’s what I got.

Henry & Belle Kent Roll-Cuff Capri Jean $178

My heart sank when I saw there were jeans. Jeans, particularly mail order jeans, never EVER fit me.


I was reluctant even to try them on, but when I did, I was astonished. They’re a light denim with a nice summery wash and LOTS OF GIVE and they just slid right on. The fact that they were cropped helped the usual length issues I have.

Expensive but a definite KEEP. I’d pay anything for comfortable well-fitting jeans. It was good to be introduced to a hitherto unknown-to-me jeans brand too. Just need to turn up the cuff one more step as it’s a bit deep currently.


They also come with a cute card of styling ideas. I let the stylist know in my checkout notes that I liked the look of both the tops on this card and the aqua scarf.


Pomelo Julia Utility Jacket ($78)



This was my other favourite item in the box. It looks a bit shapeless on the hanger but I loved how it looked on (not so much buttoned, but due the boob situation I don’t button most of my jackets anyway). It’s the PERFECT alternative to cardigans for Seattle spring and autumn and I’ve already worn it a couple of times to many compliments.

Here I am wearing it with the aforementioned jeans, a black tunic dress thingy and my gorgeous new Fluevogs. Pam Ann on the stairs also approves.



Daniel Rainn Barcelona Solid Short Sleeved Blouse $78


Of all the items in my box this was the least ‘me’ mostly because for some reason I don’t usually wear that bright jewel blue. I think it looks a bit cheap on my skin tone. Also on its own it clung rather too much to the boobs and muffin top. But I could see that it would be a super useful piece and it would look great if I manage to lose an inch or two off said boobs and muffin top (or resort to judicious use of Spanx) and it looked much better under a jacket (though I think the bright blue and coral might be a bit too much). So in the end I decided to KEEP it, though I’m not entirely sure it was the right decision.




Pomelo Corinna Striped Dolman Top ($48)



At first I thought this top was very ‘me’ as this shade of grey suits me, but the cut and the horizontal stripes did make me look rather bosomy and plump. However this thing is soft as butter, extremely warm and cosy and perfect for wearing round the house with jeans or leggings. I haven’t taken it off since I got it. Don’t think I’ll wear it in company though. Another KEEP.


31 Bits Annabelle Long Beaded Necklace ($28)


This necklace is made by women in Uganda from from handmade paper beads and glass beads.  The colour was fab with the rest of my fix and I really liked the length – longer, but sitting just above the boobs rather than drawing attention right to them. So I will wear it occasionally. However, it did seem a little bit ‘Etsy’ to me. This ended up being another KEEP because with the 25% discount for keeping five items it really wasn’t worth sending them back (likewise the two tops above). And it felt good to be helping women in Uganda.


So all in all my stylist Kim managed to pick out two ‘greats’ and three ‘almosts’ which I thought was a very good hit rate for a first box and I ended up keeping everything. When you check out you can also provide feedback on your pieces, so I’m hoping that April’s box will be even better. Kim enclosed the sweet note above, though I was a little confused when she mentioned a previous fix as I’ve never had one before.

Apart from anything else this service is just super FUN and perfect if you’re like me and dislike shopping. if you’d like to give it a go my referral link is here. If you use it, I get a small discount on my next Fix and I will also love you forever. (The above Fix was paid for by me, and all opinions are resolutely my own). Oh and apologies for really crappy iPhone photos. Next time I’ll get out the tripod.



  1. Liza says

    Love love love this! I am getting my first box next week and I’m a bit curious as to what will arrive because I’m wasn’t sure if I’d wear any of it based on some of the things I’ve seen online.

    • says

      Oh I’m so excited to see what you get! The thing I was most pleased about was how well the stylist seemed to get my style. Everything really fits in with my current wardrobe. Because yes there are some weird things being sent to other people, but presumably it works for them… I think linking to a Pinterest board really helps…

  2. Laura says

    That jacket is great — I can see how it would be super versatile! If it makes you feel less ambivalent about the blue blouse — that color is very “on trend” right now — looks great with black & white, for example.


    P.S. I think that “short and boobalicious” should have its own section in the stores! Sometimes petites work well, but sometimes they think *all* parts of you are small. Plus also, the regular women’s section is the size of a football field and the petites get hidden off to the side like we’re mutants or something. ha, ha

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