Elle Deco drops on my mat

As the world’s biggest fan of Sex and the City, I was really intrigued to see interior shots of Sarah Jessica Parker’s absolutely gorgeous Long Island beach house in May’s edition of Elle Deco (note to self – that’s the sort of house I want when we move to Seattle).

Not surprisingly the décor is very on-trend, with white interiors enlivened by splashes of dayglo colour, black accents and pretty but not girly accessories. It almost makes me want to forgive her those awful Lux adverts , the ones for the ghastly-named Lovely perfume and the fact that when she talks about her dining room she says things like, ‘When it’s filled with people, they become pieces of art that make it even more beautiful.’

I particularly liked the matte black mismatched dining room chairs, the giant apple in the kitchen and this gorgeous corner of her bedroom.







  1. lissie says

    ‘When it’s filled with people, they become pieces of art that make it even more beautiful.’
    But surely you must have had this IDENTICAL thought on New Year’s Eve?
    All this and Matthew Broderick too. Scarcely fair.

  2. says

    It’s the bedroom I like best, though I’m hoping that when the photographers go home her mirrored bureau is covered with smeary fingerprints and adorned with small plastic Fisher Price people and crushed Bickiepeg.
    If I had the house I could happily do without Matthew Broderick.

  3. says

    Ooooh havent seen those pics of her place before on this island far away (Australia) thankyou thankyou, I too am strangely obsessed in the little ladies life. I dont know why, the show finished ages ago. I suppose she cant stop smelling of style.

  4. says

    I know the LUX ads are atrocious and then the LOVELY, yeh, on the inside cause honey what did they do to you on the outside for this ad – she looks like a hag. It’s bizarre that her and Madonna who can look so great keep doing freaky things with themselves.Maybe they ARE aliens!?
    I did love the a lot of the same things in her house though and I’m glad you posted on it cause it saves me the bother!
    I loved the zingy green pressed leaves in her living room but I wasn’t at all sure about the floral window seat teammed with the stripey chunky chairs.I’d have had MORE of the gorgeous bedroom chairs instead, they were fabulous.

  5. says

    C, are you my style stalker or something? I didn’t like the window seat/stripey chairs combo either which is why I didn’t post up that picture.
    I DID like the green leaves pictures but couldn’t work out how to crop the rest out with my scanner (and really couldn’t be bothered to Photoshop them).


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