Knit one

I’ve decided that I need to learn Russian. The Russian blog with the impeccable taste in grendmas has loads of beautiful images on its pages – I just wish I could understand what on earth most of them are.

I clicked on the link next to this image of this amazing hand-knitted rug and found myself on the site of Dutch knitwear company Flocks.

Knitting is the only craft I’ve ever been able to do. I like the way it exercises my brain in a totally different way, though I’m very bad at actually finishing a project and absolutely loathe the final sewing up process (I have about five unfinished, and now too small, baby garments sitting in my knitting bag). But even though I’m quite a keen knitter, I couldn’t for the life of me work out how this rug came to be made.

Until I looked more closely at the Flocks website and found that yes, it really is knitted on huge needles.



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