When it comes to decorating I love mixing modern forms, colours and styles with vintage furniture and fabrics (and vice versa).

So I just adore this Egg chair by Liberty Bespoke (also from Elle Deco) which is upholstered in traditional Liberty prints and in which I could happily swivel all day pretending I was a Brocante Home James Bond villain.

Of course I’m just waiting for my brother (and new reader to this blog) to phone me up and tell me that this is an abomination – as he did with the Nokia phones.



  1. says

    Brilliant! I spent ages this weekend in Liberty examining one of these chairs – I’m learning upholstery and would love to surprise my fellow evening classers by making something similar…

  2. says

    How fab to be doing upholstery. There’s a whole little piece at the back of ‘Elle Deco’ about patterned upholstery on ultra-modern shaped seating.
    But at the moment I’m having a thing for patchworks of clashing patterns and I haven’t seen anything quite like the Liberty chair yet. May have to take myself off to have a look at it in the flesh. Would LOVE to see what you come up with.

  3. says

    I’ll definitely read that – my elle deco was delivered the other day but I haven’t got that far yet! there is another love seat-esque piece in the new perfume section in liberty which is beautifully done with numerous panels of material.
    right now I’m re-upholstering a 60s chair and debating very plain fabric vs pattern. I’ll let you know how it goes…

  4. lissie says

    If I admitted that I would not give strange patchwork chair house room, would I be drummed off blog?
    Am currently poised to re-upholster my old Heals sofa, the covering of which has been comprehensively destroyed by jumping children, dancing dogs and scratching cats. Am looking out for suitable fabric, possibly some faded-looking velvety stuff (I think I want it to look as if we’d nicked it from Julie’s). Does anyone know an idiot-proof book on upholstery? The husband illustrated one years ago, but instructions are positively Delphic.

  5. The Brother says

    You are right I DO think it’s horrible. There is a really nice B&B Italia sofa in the same issue though.

  6. says

    Lottie – I’m tempted to say pattern, pattern, pattern, but I’m starting to wonder how long it will be before there is a huge backlash against pattern and colour, and I’m presuming you don’t want to be upholstering again any time soon.
    Hey bro! You sound like a sinister interior designing monk. Which page is the sofa on?

  7. Diane says

    “A sinister interior designing monk”. Sounds splendid – I think Umberto Eco should write the novel.
    Not keen on lots of mixed patterns either, but do love the SJP beach house.
    I saw this and thought of you, as they say…I’ve often thought that most radiators are pretty hideous, but this I love:
    link to

  8. says

    Definite masculine and feminine design sensibilities int the family. It’s great having your brother’s input on your blog, makes me chuckle.
    My brother is often appauled by my own things, though he knows I can also choose well for him.

  9. Diane says

    Hey – you can’t “call” a tease!
    Nope – loved it. Sadly, can’t imagine ever living somewhere that would be a suitable setting for it…

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