When Acrylic Looks Good


A lot of knitters can get very snobbish about acrylic yarns, and having been knitting since the days when most yarn had a high acrylic content, I’m not exactly a fan of the squeakiness and dayglo colours.

Valerie Anne Molnar, however, makes fabulous use of acrylic yarn and acrylic paints to create stunning knitted art installations.  Certainly one way of using up your yarn stash.





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I love the clever colour transitions and the randomness of the knitting – what fun to just go where the spirit takes you instead of following a pattern.

I also love the the work on the right is entitled ‘Smoked Ham Risotto, Pea and Mint Salad with Shaved Black Truffles’.  Of course.

{via Design for Mankind}



  1. deesigner says

    I am in LOVE with the second picture. I wish I had a clue how to make something like that. Reminds me in a very vague way of Paul Smith’s swirl.

  2. says

    Dee I’ve no clue either. The way the shapes and colours overlap seems so planned I presume she sketches it out first, but I’ve no idea how she gets the shaping to be so precise. And I wonder if they’re bit pieces of knitting or lots of little pieces sewn together.

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