Fan Bingbing at Cannes


Last week Chinese actress Fan Bingbing won the Internet.







Firstly she gets to be called Fan Bingbing; secondly she gets to put tassels in her hair and look stunningly beautiful,  not utterly ridiculous: and thirdly she got to wear one of the most exquisite dresses I have ever, ever seen.




Her glorious embroidered dress by Christopher Bu was inspired by a Chinese porcelain vase from the Qing dynasty and tells stories of the Four Beauties of Ancient China. Her hair is worn in the style of a young noblewoman from the Tang dynasty. 


fanbingbing-dynasty-closeup fan-bingbing-dynasty-closeup


She and the dress are so freakin’ beautiful that I want to hang her on my wall.



  1. Lisa says

    Totally agree about the dress and the hair, but re your comment on wanting to hang her on your wall, I refer you again to that little Pinterest vid…

  2. says

    Oh My Gosh, this dress is a real masterpiece, if you ask me! I am completely stunned, not just by the design and lovely actress wearing it so graciously, but behind the history of making it!

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