WTF Friday-Kim Kardashian’s Handbag


I thought it was about time for a good old-fashioned WTF Friday, just in case the following passed you by in all the Christmas madness.

Kim Kardashian's Handbag

While I was thrilled to get camera equipment for Christmas, Kim Kardashian was ‘lucky’ enough to receive a specially-commissioned one-of-a-kind gift from fiance Kanye West, her very own Birkin bag, hand-desecrated er, painted, by artist George Condo! Which apparently shows a naked Kim being punched in the face by naked momager Kris Jenner. Because, of course.

Kim Kardashian's Handbag

If you too would like to possess such a ‘gift’ then the basic Birkin will apparently set you back a meagre $40,000, while a George Condo original recently sold for more than $1 million, which makes it all the more sad that poor Kim is having to walk round with holes in her jeans.

And now I promise never to mention Kim Kardashian on the blog again. Apologies.



  1. nazila says

    You know how I feel about this bag. Grad school in a bag, that is what I call it.

    Two years of unemployment compensation for some.


  2. Bianca says

    With all those trolls painted around our reclining Kim…I cannot see the vibrating motorcycle beneath her. Surely, it must be there??? WTF indeed.

  3. says

    Why are the Kardashians famous? What brought them so much celebrity? It certainly isn’t their good taste. Good to see WTF again. It always makes me laugh.

  4. becky harris says

    What’s more appalling is that she’s wearing white jeans in winter. And no, when it comes to denim, there is no such thing as “winter white.”


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