1. says

    @cheyhorn. That is a VERY good question. Maybe because it is SO not him?
    Also I’d love to know how big the box is he’s standing on. I once passed him in the street in London and he is microscopically small.

  2. becky says

    The ab paint job in the first one is especially bizarre, though I’d rather look a these than those Chuck Close pictures of Brad Pitt they did awhile back.

  3. Beth says

    Just went to the “W” site. Honestly??? None of these photos are believable which is what makes them so ridiculous. Poor Katie and Suri.

  4. says

    This looks like a grab at fast fading youth to me. Tom Cruise is getting past the sexy young hunk stage, apparently moving towards the role of jaded, raddled roue. And when I think of him in Risky Business….sigh.

  5. says

    You have no words because clearly there are no words. I don’t even understand what could possibly be the editorial bent here. eesh

  6. says

    Definitely not impressed. This is so far away from my idea of Tom Cruise, I just can’t digest this whole thing. I’ve seen much better shots… and this is just wrong.

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