Things I Am Loving–Cross Stitch iPhone Cover


I’ve only ever done cross-stitch once before, when I decided to make a sampler from a kit for a friend’s baby, because it looked like it would be quicker than knitting a sweater.  Yeah right.  I just hope that the cross stitch fabric wasn’t somehow imbued with all the cursing that occurred in its presence.

And yet, and yet.  These fabulous iPhone covers from fabulous NYC yarn shop Purl Soho are enough to make me want to pick up the cross-stitch needle again. Only the thought of having to buy lots of different expensive packs of embroidery thread is preventing me.


If you’re braver than I am, full instructions are on the Purl Bee blog here.  The iPhone covers themselves are available to buy in the PurlSoho shop here. The only problem is choosing what colour to get.





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    what a coincidence. yesterday i sat down with this kit (the iphone is ordered and on its way) and you know what happened? first i realized how MANY little holes there are that want to be stitched and then when i got started the damn yarn ripped about a gazillion times. the holes are really really small and the yarn has to endure so much “stress” it rips after 3 or 5 stitches. so think twice if you want to make this.
    i now decided to stitch one element a day now. otherwise it’ll drive me nuts.
    but in general this is a beautiful idea.

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    Oh that’s really great feedback. Thanks for letting us know. (Maybe I won’t be buying it now…)
    Looking forward to seeing your finished result.

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