Babette Blanket – Here We Go!


So I finally decided that, instead of just hoarding yarn, I actually ought to start working on Babette, the infamous crocheted granny blanket I first wrote about back in 2009.

babette-blanket-1-of-1_thumb2 babette-blanket-1-of-1-2_thumb2
babette-blanket-1-of-1-3_thumb2 Jan-29th-Instagram-13-of-14_thumb2

The last couple of evenings have found me peering at my beginner’s crochet book – the gorgeously photographed Simple Crochet by Erika Knight – and various YouTube videos, trying to figure out how on earth to make the simple granny square that forms the basis of the design.

So far it’s been a long tortuous process and I’ve managed two squares – out of 126 of varying sizes. I have a feeling this is going to take a LOOOOOOONG time.



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    From my experience, crochet has the double whammy of being utterly addictive and completely hypnotically productive once you get into the hang of it. The concern that you could be having is rather, how little time it will take you, and whether your family can keep you in provisions during your crochet-induced hibernation.
    Happy hooking my dear xx

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    Hmmmm. Definitely addictive. But I shall believe the thing about hypnotically productive when I see it. My squares are a least starting to look a little neater though…

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