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It’s February and the only bright spot on the horizon is the shedload of diamonds you are undoubtedly going to receive for Valentine’s Day.  Too bad you haven’t got a thing to wear with them.


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But fear not, the solution is here at hand, in the shape of this beautiful ‘Nothing Like a Dame’ dress worth $78 in a gorgeous Valentines’ red, which the lovely people at Shabby Apple, purveyors of gorgeous women’s dresses, have generously offered as a giveaway to mirrormirror blog readers.

There are three different ways to enter the competition and everyone can enter up to three times. Just make sure you tell me how you’ve entered in a comment below. The competition closes at midnight Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday 8th February and I’ll use a random number generator to draw the winning entry as soon as I wake up on Thursday 8th.


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If you win you’ll be able to choose your size and the dress will be shipped directly to you from Shabby Apple if you live in the US. If you live elsewhere, I’ll have it delivered here and then ship it out anywhere in the world for FREE, so everyone in the UK and beyond can enter too. .

Here are the three different ways to enter. Remember you can enter all three ways as long as you leave a comment telling me how you’ve entered below. You also need to have ‘liked’ Shabby Apple on Facebook as a condition of entry.

1) Leave a comment below telling us whether you’ll be celebrating Valentines’ Day or if it leaves shivers of horror running up your spine.

2) ’Like’ mirrormirror on Facebook (leave a comment below saying you’ve done this)

3)  Tweet the following: I’ve just entered to win a beautiful Shabby Apple summer dress. You can too! (And leave a comment below saying you’ve Tweeted).

Good luck!

Update: If you’ve already ‘liked’ mirrormirror or Shabby Apple on Facebook just let me know in the comments and that can count as an entry too. Oh and remember that each entry is a separate comment.



  1. Meadow says

    I don’t really love V-day but my kidlet does and thus we turn it into kid-holiday. And the hubs and I celebrate another night alone. Win-win.
    Since I don’t currently own a dress that fits me, I could really use a fabulous red one…

  2. Denise L says

    We usually don’t do anything special on V Day. I like to think we celebrate our love everyday…or most days at least;)

  3. says

    I celebrate Valentines day by giving candy to everyone. I hate how it’s like a, you only get something if you have a significant other, type of holiday, so I try to make sure everyone gets a little something:)

  4. says

    I liked Shabby Apple on FB and no, I won’t be celebrating Valentine’s day. It doesn’t leave shivers of horror down my spine, it’s just not that big of a deal to me. But I LOVE the Valentine’s red color of this dress! 🙂

  5. Ashley C says

    I will probably go out to dinner with my hubby, but don’t do anything special usually. My parents will be in town, though, so we’re going to take advantage of having a sitter!

  6. says

    I already ‘like’ mm and am commenting here! Hoorah. We’ll be having a night away in a local hotel WITHOUT CHILD a few days before V day so will definitely be wearing the frock then if I win it. Though, frankly, may need it in the next size up to accommodate the scrummy food provided by the hotel!

  7. Gina M Maddox says

    Instead of Valentine’s, my hubby and I celebrate our anniversary which is a week later. Thanks so much for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  8. Julie says

    No “shivers” per se, but I definitely don’t like to make a big deal of it. I usually just sent a few cards to my friends and then bake something nice for my family. 🙂

  9. says

    Well, both my husband and I will be working (me until 8 PM), so I don’t think we’ll do anything special. We WILL raid all the half-price candy on 2/15, though!

  10. MelissaO says

    My husband is actually more into V-Day than I am…we’ll probably just go out for dinner. And I do like Shabby Apple on FB!
    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  11. says

    We don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, but instead do a HUGE celebration for our wedding anniversary which is also this month. We do of course get heart shaped pizza on Valentine’s though, because it’s cute and tasty. 🙂

  12. Megan Paravato says

    I don’t have a special guy to celebrate Valentines day with, but I am still planning on celebrating! I’m getting together with my girls to bake and watch romantic movies!

  13. Megan Paravato says

    I have liked mirrormirror on fb!
    I’m so happy you are doing this giveaway! Shabby Apple dresses are gorgeous and this one is no exception!

  14. Lucy Gray says

    I liked Shabby Apple (and do!) and will be freezing on the slopes in Austria for Valentines day, but am packing some Hotel Chocolate yummy things for the menfolk. Sadly am utterly sure no reciprocal packing is planned!

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