Snow Day


Or this is why I haven’t been blogging.

After complete and total snow-fuelled carnage on the icy, steep Seattle streets (this city is as laughably bad at snow as London was)  yesterday dawned crisp, clear and glorious. And yes my neighbours do need to look into insulating their roofs). 




After a two-hour journey back from school the previous day, the Minx was understandably pleased not to be going to school, especially when this is what we ended up doing.



IMG_1979 IMG_1973


IMG_2025 IMG_2032

IMG_2035 IMG_2052


IMG_2059 IMG_2068


We went sledding, made a very unfeminine snowgal, drank hot chocolate with whipped cream, made chicken noodle soup, watched a Tinkerbell movie and altogether had a wonderful time.

And I’m so glad we did, because today the Minx and the Husband set off for England to spend the long weekend with his mother who is in hospital with kidney failure. They’re away for five days, which is by far the longest time I’ve been away from the Minx since she was born.

I’m sad not to be with them at Thanksgiving – this holiday, which meant beans to me when we first arrived, is one of the most beautiful American traditions, and I’m going to miss celebrating tomorrow, though I’m glad to share the Husband and Minx with my mother-in-law.

Instead I shall be spending Thanksgiving morning on the Clipper heading to Victoria on Vancouver Island, off to spend a weekend of laziness with a girlfriend out on the Gulf Islands.  As a consequence blogging over the next few days will be light to non-existent.

And  the whole thing has made me so grateful that I have my health and my own small family the rest of the year. To all those of you celebrating, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and good health and happiness in the year ahead.



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    I’m dying for a spa weekend, but my most spa-ish girl friend isn’t feeling flush..Thanksgiving has always seemed rather ridiculous to me, but I grew up in it

  2. says

    Thanks ladies! eM there are some AMAZING deals to be had in November in Canada (maybe this won’t come as a surprise). We’re staying here
    Lara, Gasworks Hill could have been DESIGNED for sledding, just the right steepness, and the path up the side makes for a great ‘jump’. There were some seriously crazy kids out there.

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    Ahhh, whenever I see sunrise after days of heavy snow, my body just feels rejuvenated. That first sunny day after the long winter is actually the best time to either play in the snow or shove off some snow on the roof.

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