Weekend Photos

This weekend I made a cheesecake for the school’s Gala auction



admired the sun shining through my new (vintage) Pyrex {from ZellesAttic}



over-exposed a tulip



admired foliage in the Japanese Garden 





had coffee and cake at the Essential 




and put up the Easter tree




I have spared you images from our trip to Ikea.



  1. K says

    Shut up, we were at Ikea too! About the photos though, they are so lovely. I could do serious damage to that cheesecake right now.

  2. says

    We were the people buying half a hundredweight of meatballs…did you get anything nice?
    I can’t tell you how painful it was giving that cheesecake up.

  3. K says

    Bed linens for the boy. We’re nearing the end of the Grobag days. It must be the most dangerous “oh, I’ll just have one of those too” shop around. Everything seems so cheap, and then when you get to the till…

  4. says

    This was the first time ever we managed to escape without dropping 500 dollars. And that’s only because our house is entirely full of Ikea crap anyway.
    Funny thing is, I hardly ever used to shop at Ikea in the UK…

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