This is what’s going down in Seattle this morning.



In a miraculous first the Minx’s school DIDN’T decide that an inch of snow meant a snow day, so she went off to school well bundled up and practically bursting with excitement.

Because it’s so close to the sea, Seattle doesn’t actually get much snow, but by all accounts we’re in for a hard winter this year.  And snow this early in November is amazing.

Here are a couple of shots I took out in the garden. You expect to see snow on berries and evergreens but on autumn leaves and lavender?



IMG_1922 IMG_1933








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    Beautiful. We have had a cold year all around, haven’t we? Snow is so pretty. Too bad it is difficult to drive in, cold, wet, and otherwise inconvenient! It was so much funner when I was a kid and had nowhere to go except down a big hill on a sled.

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    you have such a stunning view there. looks beautiful with the snow. especially also love the last picture with the snowflakes falling down and being partially blurry… fantastic picture!!

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