P’kolino Little Reader

It’s been mentioned in the comments below, and for anyone with a pre-schooler at home, I can’t recommend our P’kolino Little Reader chair highly enough.


It’s made of high-density foam and incredibly light weight and so can get carried around by the pre-schooler in question no problem (there’s even a handle on the back for the purpose); is covered in easy-to-wipe-clean microsuede; is very difficult to tip backwards (though the Minx has managed it once, but that’s the Minx for you) and has two side pockets for corralling books and the other random cr*p which seems to follow my daughter around. 

Apparently it’s good for one year olds but the Minx is now four and it still fits her fine and she’s quite tall for her age.  I suspect she will get at least another year’s use out of it.  And at $70 + Free Shipping on Amazon, it’s not even very expensive.

The only downside is that it comes in the usual range of startling colours which are great for kids’ rooms but not necessarily so good for adult rooms.  When will designers realise that it’s nice to be able to incorporate well-designed kids’ furniture into an adult scheme?

Case in point is the wonderful Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair below which we have in walnut and blends in fabulously with our dining table and chairs.




  1. lissie says

    I REALLY want those curtains. I don’t think they suit your house AT ALL. I think you should take them down instantly. I am willing to give them a home, as a personal favour.

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