Go Love Your Room – Fatboy Slim’s Yacht

Or in this case go love your yacht.  I’ve realised that I don’t post enough pictures of rooms I find inspiring, mostly because I don’t come across them all that often. 

Everything about this boat though – which belongs to superstar (in the UK at least) DJ and producer Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim – is utter perfection. It’s even moored in Sardinia, of which, as you know, we are very fond.

The only teensy problem is the price tag, as it will cost you £20,000 (approx $30,000) to rent the four spacious cabins for a week.  Oh, and the name Barracuda, which now reminds me of a certain governor of Alaska.

For more details and pics, including what music they have on the fully stocked Ipod, go here. If you want to hire it more details are here.  





barracudabed670    CropperCapture[14].Bmp


{via the ever fabulous Style Files}



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    Oh I’ll have to see if I can find that online. Zoe Ball irritated the hell out of me on Strictly but I have to admit she has fabulous taste in yachts at least…

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