La Tour Eiffel

Speaking of Atelier LZC, we got their new wholesale catalogue in last week and there’s been a bit of debate here at mirrormirror‘s intergalactic HQ. We’re buying in some new stuff for Christmas and I wondered what you all thought of their new stylised Eiffel tower motif. I’m also interested in any differences of opinion. by country. Do let me know what you think in more detail in the comments.

Here is are some of the Eiffel tower stuff they have in the catalogue.

CropperCapture[1] CropperCapture[2]



In other Eiffel tower-related news, it seems that the paperback edition of Petite Anglaise is also going to feature a stylised Eiffel tower. Maybe they saw the poll we did earlier in the year.




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    Sorry gorgeous. Normally your incredibly thorough poll options cover all the bases, but this time, I’m from the UK and I’m just a bit bleurgh about them. They’re pretty an all (I LOVE ALZC colourways) but I can’t think of a single person whom I would buy them for.
    Does that help at all!?!? Sorry xx!!

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    No, it helps A LOT. If anyone else has got extra perspective we’d love to hear it. Am amused to see that the voting here is pretty much evenly split as well…
    I’ll probably get one or two pieces in.

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    I’m from the UK and I love these – though admittedly I am a fan of ALZC anyway. To be honest I’m not sure who I’d buy it for either but its pushing all my Paris-crush buttons – if there was a notebook I would want one for a carnet de voyage of our next visit (or just as a handy stash place for ‘one day we WILL live in Paris’ notes & clippings).
    A pretty plate for teatime fancies might also be too tempting to resist…

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    Mali, thanks so much for the comment – that’s sort of how I was feeling about them. This has been excellent market research. It looks like the votes in favour are starting to heavily outweigh the votes against, so I will get shopping…

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    I’m from the UK and I love it !
    Could help noticing these lovely designs, I know I am a bit late for the Christmas deadline 🙂
    Anyway I am very partial to anything Parisian or Eiffel tower related.
    Petite Anglaise, was a treat !

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