Sincerest Form of Flattery

At what stage does inspiration and imitation tip over into plagiarisation?

Being in an Orla Kiely frame of mind recently, I was amused to note this at Land of Nod this weekend.


And these in the Pottery Barn Teens catalogue

 img52m img83m


And here’s a bit of original Orla Stem print, just to compare.




  1. karen says

    Yikes! Surely she’ll nail them for that. Those are blatant.
    BTW, thank you so much for the fruit fly tips. They are horrible and I have made two of the traps today and they are working. I am squeamish about drowning them, but…I am still doing it. 🙁

  2. says

    FRUIT FLY UPDATE: We’ve been having lots of success with a solution of red wine, a bit of sugar and some washing up liquid and then a cling-film trap.
    Dee, THANKS!

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