Gwyneth Obnoxiously Opinionated Paltrow?

So Gwyneth Paltrow is apparently starting up her own ‘lifestyle’ website, entitled, somewhat peculiarly, GOOP.


At the moment, it’s a strange little two-paged affair – click on any one of the icons above and you get a vacuous and somewhat patronising little essay about how Gwyneth has created her own very lovely life – the very loveliness of which I’m sure has NOTHING to do with the many millions of pounds she and her husband earn. The site is currently as content-free as its owner, though it does promise that in due course it will be full of fabulous hints and tips so that we too can lead lives as fabulous as hers.


I’m sure Gwynnie is hoping to become the next Martha Stewart and I don’t fundamentally have a problem with that.  After all, isn’t that what all of us ‘lifestyle’ bloggers are secretly hoping might happen to us?  And it’s not just that I find her profoundly irritating as a person – as you know I’m not overly keen on Martha or Nigella as people, but blimey, do they have some great ideas.

And that, I’m afraid is my problem with GOOP.  I just don’t believe that Gwynnie will have anything to say that will interest me.

GwynethPaltrowPA_468x845After all, would you take fashion advice from someone who, with all the money and stylists in the world, manages to look like she forgot her trousers on the red carpet?










Or take interiors advice from someone who, with all the money and interior designers in the world, has a house that looks like a somewhat soulless collaboration with the Sugar Plum Fairy?

masl15_paltrow Gwyneth_Paltrow's_dining_room_internet_image

As part of the festivities in the run-up to this year’s Oscar telecast, Laura Ziskin, 79th Annual Academy Awards® producer, has announced “A Celebration of Oscar Fashion” – a live event in the Academy's Grand Lobby presenting a unique retrospective of Oscar fashion. Pictured here in one of the dresses displayed: Gwyneth Paltrow in Ralph Lauren at the 71st Academy Awards® on March 21, 1999. Or indeed, take foodie advice from someone with a concave chest?


And anyway how can we trust her taste when she is married to HIM?

Will you be taking lifestyle advice from Gwynnie?  Or are there any other celebs who you wish would put together a lifestyle website? (Personally I can’t wait for Sarah Palin’s).



  1. Anne says

    As usual, you are 100% accurate in your perception. I am glad she is happy with her life, but who couldn’t create a life they love with that amount of money??? Her condescending tone is beyond frustrating. There are people who work just as hard or harder and are not paid the outrageous sums of money she is paid. It is NOT (only) about how hard you work! Helen Keller herself admitted she would not have achieved what she did without having been born into a family of affluence and wealth which could afford her a private tutor, special schooling and other privileges and opportunities. As a result she became a great humanitarian and social activist! Gwyneth where’s your heart?
    Bottom line, good ideas or not, there is not heart.

  2. says

    So brilliant – once again.
    Does she really expect us to believe that she will be sitting at her desk, toiling away in St John’s Wood or Belgravia or where she lives, writing on her lifestyle blog. She will have a “team” of people scouring every corner of the earth, trying to find new ideas.

  3. says

    This is hilarious. Celebrities in general irritate me. I’m tired of them telling us how to think and who to vote for and what to wear, but being the decorating/lifestyle junkie that I am, I must admit that I’m curious to see what she’s got up her sleeve. My expectations are not high, however!

  4. Ann says

    Muaahh ha ha ha – snarky goodness. I’m not a big fan of GP, but I am surprised at this “lifestyle” bend she is taking. Fakety-a$$.

  5. lissie says

    Am interviewing the Welsh actress Ruth Jones this afternoon. Just been doing a bit fo research and found this.
    Ruth acted with the fragrant Gwyneth in ‘Emma’:
    “I said to her, ‘Are you Welsh then, with a name like Gwyneth?’ and she went [adopts a bored American accent], ‘No, my mother had a friend called Gwyneth and she liked the name.’ She didn’t even look at me. I was thinking, ‘Yeah, well, it’s an old lady’s name where I come from, love.’ ”

  6. says

    WHat a HOOT this entry is!! I absolutely adore your insight into the mind of this flakey actress! Or should I say, Smug or snooty! Who does she think she is??? Funny stuff, girl!

  7. Ames says

    I’m rather surprised with whoever writes this blog; I am even more surprised at the average level of STUPIDITY that seems to plague people like you. Your level of hypocrisy is not only hilarious, its almost pitiful. Actually, scratch that, it is more than pitiful, its pathetic. You feel content with ridiculing a Gwyneth Paltrow, saying that she has a “Concave Chest” and then you sympathize with people who have to look at thin beautiful people all day and feel sorry for themselves. You feel the need to weep for people who take diet pills and suffer from anorexia because of the obsession our society has with weight (which I absolutely, I mean your sympathy) and yet you feel alright with regressing to the very same behavior and ridiculing thin women with small chests. I hope you can look in the mirror and see the hypocrisy leaking from every infested orifice you possess.

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