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What with my recent illness, staffing problems and moving issues, I haven’t been able to order in as much new stuff as I’d like for Christmas (one day I’m going to be able to dedicate as much time as I’d like to mirrormirror). 

However I’ve just photographed and uploaded a few new bits and pieces, which make me very happy indeed.

They include super soft lambswool hottie covers handknitted by Ruth Cross (who contacted me after I blogged about her in May); gorgeous hand dyed silk cushions backed with tweed, from textile designer Jyoti Sigouin (please don’t buy these – I love them too much); the Californian piggy banks; some new beakers from Karin; some stacking salt and pepper pots to match our eggcups; some leather jewellery rolls in gorgeous colours and a beautiful box of aromatherapy bathtime treats (soaps, bathmelts and shower scrubs).

Still got one or two new bits and bobs to photograph and am off on the hunt for some new jewellery next week, so hopefully the site will look a bit fresher next time you take a look.



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    Great move on stocking up on more Karin Eriksson goodies! If you’re on the hunt for lovely jewellery, I recommend you take a look at Donna Barry’s work –
    I first saw her work at Chelsea Crafts Fair a few years ago and have bought several pairs of earrings since. I lusted after one of her gorgeous brooches at Origin this year, but had to resist temptation this time!
    There aren’t a lot of images on the website but she’d be able to email you more pics if you’re interested.

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    Wonderful new goodies! I especially love the leather jewelry rolls (fyi: the link doesn’t work correctly). These are sure to be hits for the holiday season! I haven’t been able to comment in a while due to lack of time. I hope all is well w/you & your fam. Have a great week!

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