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Oh goodness, I’m supposed to be busy, busy, busy.  We are now finally leaving the country on the 4th November, which is, count’em, in 9 DAYS time.  And in 5 days time we have to move out of our flat.

So of course I’ve been clicking on blogs instead.  

Here’s a little round up of things which tickled my fancy.

Cally made the most stunning table decoration for Diwali.

Rebecca made scrummy cupcake tee-shirts as party favours for her son’s baby friends.

Helen and I stalked David Schwimmer as he was filming in Columbia Road – though I only got to get a peek of this gorgeous filmset (sadly not a real shop) as it was covered with a sheet (to keep out the sunshine?)

Alison at Brocante Home found the most gorgeous old cover from House and Garden.

And I fell in love with the idea of using tiny works of art on a large white expanse of wall when looking at these pictures by Kate George on the Papa Stour website (found via Oh Joy).



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    I wish you luck on getting yoru flat all packed up and squared away. I don’t know if I’d rather be packing either, I’d probably pick the blog-snooping also! Hope all works out for the best, and in a smooth transition for you. Drop by if you are bored again! LOL TTYL!

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