Go Love Your Sofa – Babette

So here are more details of the present I’m planning to make for the new sofa.

This project has been percolating for a long time, ever since my friend Heidi from Peacock Modern showed me the pattern at the beginning of this year. It’s the reason I’ve been teaching myself to crochet and desperately trying to finish my existing big projects (I’m still ploughing through both the blanket and the lace wrap). And I’ve spent the whole summer collecting Koigu KPM sock yarn – picking skeins up cheaply on Ravelry and scouring and stalking online stores for sales and special offers.


Buying everything online has made for mistakes (which I’ve sold on) but also some happy accidents – ‘ugly’ colours such as mustard and burnt orange –which I would never probably have picked up, but which, in the spirit of Noro, I’ve kept on and which I’m hoping will give the whole thing more interest and depth.

Here’s what I’ve collected so far.



And here’s what they’re going to be.

Babette. How I love this funky modern take on the classic granny square blanket. How I’m looking forward to playing with my own colours to create a harmonious whole. How terrified I am of actually crocheting the thing and sewing it together.



 If you too are foolish enough to want to embark on this, the pattern is here, there is a helpful Babette group on Ravelry, and a Flickr gallery full of Babette inspiration.



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    The yarn colors are fantastic. And so is the blanket pattern. I salute the craft-y side of you on this one. This looks like one heck of a project…with a beautiful ending. Good luck!

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    H, I’ve looked at Attic 24 A LOT. Nearly decided to make her hexagon blanket, but decided that maybe my embryonic crochet skills were more suited to Babette
    Thanks Devon! No saluting yet though. All I’ve done is buy the yarn – and I’ve discovered recently I have a very very very strong innate talent for buying yarn…In fact I desperately have to finish up on a couple of big projects first, before I begin Babette..

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