Adventures in Knitting – Noro

Just a bit of a knitting catch up. As you’ve probably noticed I’m not afraid of a bit of colour, so I’ve become endlessly fascinated by Noro self-striping yarns from Japan. The colour changes are beautiful as they’re spun into the yarn, not just dyed into it and it’s mesmerising to watch the individual plies within the yarn change colour as the next colour comes through. 

The colour combinations are also very unusual and generally contain a couple of ‘ugly’ colours, but somehow they seem to work incredibly well together – with the ugly colours somehow making the colour scheme seem more sophisticated.

Firstly, I finished my crochet project. I’m really pleased with it and it has had loads of compliments on the few occasions I’ve been able to wear it (Seattle has been ridiculously hot and sunny these last few weeks).  I think I can now officially say I can crochet, which is good as I have a ludicrously large crochet project in mind.

IMG_1137 IMG_1134


I obviously hadn’t got the Noro completely out of my system when I finished the scarf because I immediately cast on a Gaia shawl in Noro Kureyon Sock.  I’m enjoying knitting my lace wrap but it’s taking forever and is not very portable/social, so I was looking out for a quick and easy very casual wrap that I could wear up on the deck on chilly evenings. This wrap is a lot of fun as the colour changes in the yarn dictate the pattern.


 This colourway  (180) is incredibly garish, but I’m sort of loving it – I think it will work really well with jeans and a purple tee-shirt for a sort of ‘punk grandma’ look.

All details as before on my Ravelry page.


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