Adventures in Knitting – the Blue Period

I’m still on my massive knitting jag, though I was amazed to find that for a couple of days after the accident my head was so all over the place that I found even that difficult.

Here’s what I’ve been working on recently.


IMG_0905Firstly I managed to turn the yarn barf into this. You can’t see very well, but I beaded the ends instead of adding a fringe. I’m absolutely delighted with it, and have been wearing it often












Secondly, I knitted these on the way to and from Portland. It was a revelation to me that I could knit in the car, as reading anything usually makes me very nauseous. I’m really pleased with these as well, though the Husband does start singing ‘Gotta pick a pocket or two’ every time I wear them. Ha ha. NOT.



Finally I’m working on a wrap/shawl thingy since I’m now very addicted to both Sea Silk and lace knitting after the Yarn Barf Scarf and Megan’s Garter.  It’s the first time I’ve knitted anything this lacy but I’m really enjoying it.  It’s knitting up quite slowly as it’s pretty dense, but my aim is to get it finished for wearing on the deck on a summer’s evening while sipping margaritas.  Apparently lace looks awful until it’s pressed out and ‘blocked’ at the end of the process. The little white threads you see running through are ‘lifelines’ made of dental floss.  If I make a horrible mistake I just have to rip back to the closest lifeline and not right back to the beginning of the work (and let me tell you, if you drop a stitch with Sea Silk all hell breaks lose pretty quickly.)



More details, including patterns etc., are, as usual on my Ravelry page.



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    I’ll teach you when you get to Vancouver. The Pacific Northwest if very big into knitting. Something about the nine months of rain a year I believe. 🙂

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