Easter Egg-stravaganza


It’s spring, when a mother’s fancy lightly turns to how the heck are we going to decorate eggs to put around our Easter tree THIS year.

Here’s a selection of egg decorating options from my ‘Celebrations’ Pinterest board.  I haven’t yet consulted the Minx on this weighty matter though.


From Martha Stewart.  I think I’d be making these if I’d got the neon thread in time.




From Stylizimo. There are loads more egg decorating ideas on this gorgeous blog, but there’s no way the Minx and I could do anything this detailed and beautiful.





From Home Made Simple. Not entirely sure I can convince the Minx of the intrinsic chicness of black eggs.



From Crafty Endeavour. Starched embroidery floss eggs formed around mini-balloons. Not sure the Minx (or I) have the patience for these.




From Better Homes and Gardens.  These could be a contender.  They fit right in with the polka dot trend and all you need is a hole punch, some double-sided tape and some glitter.



From Fabulous K. I think these might be my favourites, if I can get the right paints together in time.

And now I’m eggs-hausted.  If you’ll eggs-cuse me.



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    LOVE the polka dot eggs particulalry – but I must say the black ones also took my eye! Thanks for sharing – I did my blog this week about my antique eggs (I made these with my mom when I was young – guess I”m officially old now!) and a nest idea I got from the March/April Cloth/Paper/Scissors – maybe you and the Minx would like to make a nest, too???

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    Have you seen the eggs that are “dyed” using old silk neckties? So lovely I’ve been tempted to see how that technique would work on our girls’ brown eggs.

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