WTF Friday: Crocheted Carrots


So I was browsing through Tula’s ever-fabulous blog the other day when I came across a link to NYC-based online shop Blue Tree and some limited edition hand-crocheted vegetables.

They’re OK, I thought, if you like that sort of thing, and the carrot would probably make a cute present for your Easter Bunny, and then my eye happened upon the price.



$525 for a whimsical crocheted carrot?  WTF?

Now the carrot is comparatively large (43 inches) and you don’t have to tell me how long crochet takes, and I’m all for craftspeople being paid an honest wage for an honest day’s toil.

But seriously, $525 for a crocheted CARROT?  Or am I being stingy?



  1. Perlla says

    I loved it! After becoming a knitter (influenced by you), I know how much time and patience those little things take. The price is right after all, can I afford it? Nooooooo!

  2. says

    omg. honestly… don’t know what’s more stupid. offering crocheted veggies for such a price or buying them… i really would like to see the ones who buy this! love your new series btw. totally awesome.

  3. says

    That is a bit pricey! I gotta say I’ve made a whole vegetable crochet garden, fun to make, easy to do…but $500???? for one carrot! Really, maybe $5.00-$10.00 or just bundle them up with love and gift them!

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