The London Faberge Easter Egg Hunt


Because I am a glutton for punishment, I like to torture myself by including as many UK-based Instagrammers in my Instagram feed as possible.  So each morning I get big dose of homesickness while I feast my eyes on pics of every day British architecture, or gardens or foods.




big egg hunt3


Over the past few weeks my feed has been full of eggs – more accurately some of the two hundred giant eggs decorated by famous artists, designers and other creatives, such as Zandra Rhodes and Mr Brainwash – which were part of the Faberge Big Egg Hunt which has been taking place all over Central London. Although we had a Nutcracker March in Seattle a few years back, I believe this is the first time a similar event has happened in London.  I so wish we’d been there for this – the Minx and I would have been all over it.

So now that your weekend of egg decorating and egg hunting has drawn to a close, here’s a look at how the professionals do it.


big egg hunt2






The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt from we are fallon on Vimeo.


Did any London peeps get to go egg hunting? Was it as fun as it looks?


Update: Many thanks to reader K for pointing out that there was a Cow Parade in London a few years back.  That one completely passed me by.



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    If it’s any consolation, being out of Zone 6 is about as far away as you are in Seattle really… I was with a friend last week who spotted one and I had no idea what she was talking about. *so out of the loop*
    Oh, and have you seen Exit Through the Gift Shop?? If you haven’t, trust me when I say that Mr Brainwash does not come under any of the categories of: **famous artists, designers and other creatives**… ‘Weirdly crazy knobend’ would be more appropriate perhaps… 😉

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    I HAVE seen ‘Exit Through the Giftshop’ and I thought that the common consensus was that Mr Brainwash was a front for Banksy himself, making a statement about the modern art market or something…

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    PAOLA – that is so deep and now I’m thinking I have a lot of googling to do to catch up on the common consensus… Goddammit, I’m always missing the point on these things….

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    @Helen To be fair I only cottoned on to it because I read a review in the Observer beforehand that was convinced it was a hoax. And also to be fair not everyone on the Internet agrees. And apparently the basic facts of Thierry Guetta’s life check out against the film. But it seems much more like Banksy for it to be a hoax don’t you think? And I know that a lot of the reason that Mr Brainwash stuff sells so well is because people think they’re getting a Banksy on the cheap. Watch the movie again and tell us what you think. I still can’t fully decide…

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    Wow! I suppose this is the biggest Easter egg hunt event I’ve ever heard of in years. It seems like you’ll be searching the whole city to find all the eggs, but fortunately, there were clues and hints to help everyone along. I can compare this to the reality T.V show “The Amazing Race”, but this one is different, it is more fun and challenging. This is indeed a fun activity for the family. 🙂

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