Mad Men: More On Don Draper’s New Apartment





It went a little crazy round these parts when I wrote my recent analysis of Don Draper’s new apartment, so for the 47% of you who watch Mad Men (and for the remaining 53%, why the heck don’t you?), here are some more great articles I’ve found online about his new digs.

Firstly the LA Times did a great interview with set designer Claudette Didul about how she put the look together, and including a list of shopping resources.




Secondly, the LA Times also did a piece on the reaction to Don’s new pad online and included a link to THIS.VERY. BLOGAnd they called me ‘astute’.  What a remarkably sensible and insightful paper the LA Times is! 

The divine Tula, shopping guru extraordinaire, wrote two great pieces.  One on how to recreate Don’s apartment in your own home and another on how you can channel your inner Megan.




And the ever fabulous Tom and Lorenzo are again doing their weekly episode by episode Mad Style round-ups, which focus mainly on the fashions, but also on the interiors and sets.  I swear only people who are more insightful and knowledgeable about the show are the writers and producers themselves.



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    Is it on its fifth season now? I’ve only seen half of the fourth season because I’m busy. I like the fact that Don Draper became successful despite his imperfections – that’s very inspirational. Don Draper’s new apartment is sure to blow away a lot of people when they finally feature it in the scenes! I particularly like how spacious the apartment looks due to the arrangement of the furnishings.

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    Oh! The colors in the kitchen remind me of the Ecuador flag
    (blue cupboards, yellow kettle, red cabinet). Don Draper’s dining table sure is
    I think it’s on its fifth season, @Colby Moore. Episode 10,
    if I’m not mistaken.

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    Honestly, I don’t have time for watching TV series lately, but I can relate to how beautiful this apartment is. I wonder how much did they spend to finish this. By the way, I chuckled while reading Kate’s first sentence! The colors of the Ecuador flag really match the colors of your kitchen items. Haha!

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