WTF Friday: Gwyneth Paltrow


Although we had a bit of fun with it the day after the Oscars, I did think that Gwyneth Paltrow’s white Tom Ford Oscar dress was absolutely stunning. 



Picture from Goop


So I was interested to read how stylist Elizabeth Saltzman came to choose the dress in this month’s gloop goop.

Here’s what she looks for when choosing a dress for Gwynnie.



Now, I must confess to finding Gwyneth Paltrow one of the single most irritating people on the planet, which maybe unfair of me, since I’ve never met the woman.  But honestly, if this is the brief she gives her stylist, who can blame me?

What elements would you look out for in choosing a dress for Gwyneth?



  1. leezmc says

    I love Spain and its food, but could not stomach Gwynnie and Mario Batali fawning over all over her in their PBS series. Never met her either, but gad. A guy friend of mine saw her at a Seattle concert at the King Cat way back, and his comment was, “I’m not normally into blonds, but she’s a gorgeous!!” drool, drool. Gads.

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