Corners of our House – Missoni Cube


I thought you might like to see how nice the Missoni for Target cube looks in situ. 




I am so pleased with it.  It’s sturdily built and covered in printed cotton canvas with a cool contrast piping detail and provided a useful extra bit of seating at a recent dinner party.  If Target manages to get more in stock it seems well worth the money.  In fact I’d go as far as to say that it might even be worth braving eBay to get hold of one (or one of the other fabulous designs). Apartment Therapy agrees with me.


IMG_0207 IMG_0221


Unfortunately there’s nothing like putting taking photos of a corner of the house to highlight stuff that still needs to be done. Highest priority currently is replacing the ugly-ass front door and I still need to do something about the jellyfish light fixtures and find a striking bit of artwork for above the sofa.  I’ve also been looking for a throw to cover up the huge telly (given that our basement with TV room remodel is not looking like it will be done any time soon).  This could be the perfect opportunity to actually start crocheting the Babette blanket, instead of just hoarding yarn for it.





Still, it’s looking a heckuva lot better than it used to.



  1. says

    Your room looks very cozy, and your cushions and your cube add just a dash of fun to it. Where’d you learn to decorate? Some houses are just a mess with a mash of colors and textures!

  2. Mary Sheely says

    I kind of love the ugly ass door (but then I love a lot of ugly ass stuff). Let me know when you’re ready to get rid of it; I bet I could find someone to use it — maybe not us, but it seems to suit the era of a friend’s house! Hope you’re doing well — you look fab!


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