Goldilocks and the Sky Blue Ceiling


Welll, that was trickier than I thought it would be.

Last Friday the walls of the Minx’s room were painted in Benjamin Moore’s White Vanilla and from the picture rail upwards in BM’s Morning Sky Blue. However, when it was done, the ceiling read much lighter than the tops of the walls and looked more like a greyish white than a true blue. 

So then we painted just the ceiling and not walls in the next darkest colour- Benjamin Moore’s Tear Drop Blue. And this time the ceiling was very obviously a darker blue than the tops of the walls.

So finally we mixed Morning Sky Blue and Tear Drop Blue in about equal percentages and again painted just the ceiling. And this time it was just right. 



It’s interesting how the angle of the light changes everything. 

Here’s a reminder of what the room looked like before. That purple (chosen by the previous owners) could look very dark and forbidding on a gloomy Seattle day, such as we have very occasionally in the winter months (hahahahahahahahaha).



There’ll be more updates from the Minx’s room as we piece it all back together and assemble her super duper big girl loft bed.



  1. says

    wow, i love the way it ‘pours’ down from the ceiling to the rail, i would never have thought of that. and i really love that blue as well. can’t wait to see the finished room 🙂

  2. alice eggers says

    What kind of paint and what finish did you use on the ceiling. Flat or eggshell? I want to do exactly the same thing in my kitchen and living room combo. Just beautiful!

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