What Home Means to Me


stopping to smell the roses

 IMG_6650  image

Photo from Twins Garden Style Blog 


 Image from Yarnstorm


sticking to my knitting

IMG_6648 image

Image from Brooklyn Tweed


Image from Attic 24


baking lots and LOTS of cake





eating tons of pasta and drinking lots of wine




 Print from Jenn Ski on Etsy


Image from Lara Ferroni 


ogling my bread bin, still my favourite thing in the house



being constantly amazed by the bounty of our incredible cherry tree



Image from Canelle-Vanille





entertaining friends



Pinned from rathernice.tumblr.com 



admiring the crazy awesome view that still makes me catch my breath every time I glimpse it



It’s true, Seattle really is seeming more and more like home.


Yes, I’m back! But only briefly. I’d forgotten that I’d signed up to participate in the Pin It Forward blog mashup organised by the amazing sfgirlbybay and showcasing the incredible talents of Pinterest, the fabulous new online pinboard tool, which lets you save inspirational photos from around the web. I am going to be using it A LOT in the future.

Tomorrow don’t forget to go and visit Being Tazim, to find out what home means to her. I, in the meantime will be back on Monday. I have been having THOUGHTS.



  1. Charlie says

    Nice to see you back, Paola! I missed your photography. Words fail me when it comes to describing how moved I am by your photos.

  2. says

    yes i missed you too. welcome back 🙂 i can totally agree to your thoughts on what home means to you. you speak from my heart. and your bread bin is fabulous! i want one of those too. in exactly THAT color. thank you for sharing Paola!

  3. deri says

    A bread bin in exactly that colour now resides in the Irish cottage. Sadly nothing else in the house remotely resembles the pics above…

  4. says

    I was getting a bit irritated at all of your postcards from France lately, but I scrolled down and saw this one, and I have to say, that if you MUST live stateside, then you’ve picked a lovely city, a lovely section of that city, and a gorgeous home. WOW. I would not mind coming home to that. You are lucky, m’dear. Now, if only you could also have a house in France… Life would be perfect. HAH!
    Thanks for sharing your photos. They are always great!

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