I’m back, sort of.

I wanted to see if I missed blogging, and I did, a lot, so I’m glad to be back in the saddle. The bad news is that my computer sounds like a jet fighter just before take off and this is my last week of freedom before the Minx finishes school for the summer vacation (can you believe it?) AND we’re off to Europe in two weeks, so I probably still won’t be able to blog as frequently as I would like, but let’s see how it goes. 

In addition I have been having THOUGHTS about refocusing the blog a bit.  Which, I hear you say, won’t be difficult, since it currently has no real focus at all.

Firstly I’d like this to be more of a ‘salon’ type blog about the design-world with lots of vigorous discussion in the comments, and a bit of an antidote to the ‘bunnies and unicorns’ type of approach taken by some other blogs. So I’ll be casting around for more ‘Go Fug Your Room’ type stuff and other things for us to discuss.

Secondly, I’m getting more and more into my photography and feel that it’s taking me somewhere. I have no idea exactly where it’s going, but I’ll be using this blog to experiment more and see what happens. 

Thirdly, I’m going to introduce some more regular features so that I have a bit of a framework for my blogging week and you can come here with a bit more of an idea whether to expect tulips or chairs or knitting. I’ll be introducing some of these over the coming week.

Thanks so much for all your lovely messages and comments, I missed you!  Mwah!

In other news Seattle is ‘enjoying’ one its interminable rainy springs. I know I shouldn’t expect the fabulous Seattle summer to start until early July but all this rain in June is somewhat depressing, particularly as it seems you’re even having summer in ENGLAND this year. But the lavender is peeking out, so I’m hoping this portends of better things.



  1. says

    as mentioned before.. good to have you back. i understand your thoughts and i’ll be sitting here awaiting your fabulousity in the uncoming months 🙂 and wishing you LOADS of fun in Europe! enjoy!!

  2. deesigner says

    I truly love your knitting posts. They inspired me to take some classes and I also bought the sea silk with the future hope of making that beautiful turquoise throw you showed in your blog and in Ravelry. Please keep posting about your knitting!

  3. says

    Thanks my lovelies. And deesigner I really hope you end up making the turquoise shawl (which I wear a LOT). I will be so proud to have inspired it.

  4. t says

    antidote to the ‘bunnies and unicorns’…
    you are awesome, i so understand what you are talking about and am rather bored with that whole thing. love your blog.

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