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So the plan was that on Mondays I was going to keep you updated on something that’s been happening chez moi but our routine is all discombobulated at the moment due to the beginning of the interminable school summer vacation, so this week you’ll have to make do with Tuesday instead. Do feel free to change channels at this point.

As you already know I’ve recently become addicted to shopping sale site RueLaLa, a lot because they not only feature great sale boutiques by a host of designer clothing names, but also they have fabulous homewares brands as well.

One of my recent triumphs was a set of Dwell Studio bedlinen (two pillow cases plus a duvet cover) for the incredibly bargainaceous price of $99 (down from approx $300).









I’m loving how well it goes with the Emma Gardner rug too, but I’m basically horrified by these photos. When we first moved into this house I swore that one of the first things I’d address was the horrendous sauna-like cladding of unfinished floorboards in the bed alcove, but here we are three years later and I’m LIVING WITH THEM.  The light fitting’s pretty sucky too.

Which just goes to show that when you move house you should get all those horrible jobs done quickly otherwise you’ll stop noticing the flaws until the time comes to post up photos of your bedlinen on the internet.

Not quite sure what to do with them to be honest.  The boards themselves are rough and unfinished but I’m dreading what removing them would reveal.  I think a coat of light grey/blue gloss paint is required pronto quick.






Our crazy-ass 90s bed isn’t a good fit for this alcove either, but I’ve had it for about fifteen years now and sort of can’t bear to get rid of it.

What deeply embarrassing ugly features have you been living with for so long in your house that you’ve stopped noticing them?  Anyone brave enough to send/post up a photo?

Oh and if anyone still needs an invitation to RueLaLa, just click here and you too can go nearly bankrupt.



  1. says

    oh my, you’re not wrong about that cladding! there are no words…on the other hand it reminds of meredith grey’s house in grey’s anatomy, which appeals to me for some odd reason…

  2. says

    Haha Bushra. I was sort of hoping you’d say, ‘but Paola it looks lovely, you don’t need to touch a thing.’
    I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy, but it’s not surprising that my house reminds you of hers as it’s apparently supposed to be located about 10 mins round the corner.

  3. Frith says

    so funny. i was raised by a mother who who hated, so painted, all things wooden. her friends were horrified! but i have to say it seems i inherited that dislike for bare wooden stuff. then i married a wood lover and that’s when i learnt about compromise.
    painting would those panels is a great idea 🙂 such beautiful furnishings ought not to be surrounded by those walls…. (too cheeky?)

  4. says

    i can’t stop looking at that bed. THAT is YOUR BED? ok… THAT is crazy ass for sure. 🙂 but you covered it up very nicely (love the grasshopper detail) and the beautful blue rug caught my attention too.
    the wood is actually not bothering me much. it looks kinda cozy on the pictures i think. i agree with you on leaving it where it is. don’t even want to imagine what’s behind it so you’d rather paint it 🙂

  5. says

    The bedding is beautiful as well as the room. The gold color of the bedding is a good combination for the color of the room. And about the windows it will look more beautiful if they put some blinds.
    Jane Taylor
    liverpool blinds Dress up your room without breaking the bank styling your room

  6. says

    Yep, that’s our bed. It’s the first thing I ever bought for my old apartment in Notting Hill. It used to have little lights twined around the head too, but that was possibly too much ;)……

  7. says

    The new bedding is gorgeous, and I’ve always loved your bed. I’ve always thought it looks like it’s about to fly away, and agree that it seems a bit cooped up in a…sauna…strangely. The grey/blue option might be a nice way to open up that space, but if you’re not 100% sure why not start with part of it, like just the ceiling, see if that’s enough. The thing with painting wood is once it’s done, it’s done. Tough to go back. I’ve always been happy the previous owners of my place painted all the wood trim because I like the way it lightens everything, but I don’t think I’d have had the nerve to do it myself.

  8. Pencils says

    Good score! Is that a duvet cover or a quilt (bedspread?) Kinda hard to see. I went to the Dwell sample sale last week, where they had some great stuff, such as the chinoiserie duvet cover for incredibly cheap, but I can’t have a duvet anymore, my husband bakes out heat. (He’s a weightlifter.) We have a quilt or bedspread, and I use my own extra blankets. I did buy some fab placemats and table runners, plus a few things for my toddler.
    Unfortunately though, you have to be sponsored to join ruelala. I’m on One Kings Lane, where they have interesting stuff, and a couple of kids discount sites, plus Gilt Group. I’ve only bought a couple of things though after being on those sites for a while.

  9. says

    Ha! Crazy-ass 90’s bed, indeed!
    I rather like your sauna-riffic room as is (at least in the photos), but then again I do live in a 70’s split-level which harbors three different flavors of rough, unfinished wood paneling on the basement level: horizontal, overlapping vertical, and (horror of horrors) diagonal. It has a sort of sickly sheen to it, too.
    When we moved into this house, there were more urgent(and easier to remedy) matters to attend to, such as the shiny brass switch plates added throughout the house in 1994, and the wall-to-wall CARPET in the KITCHEN. We’ve been here two years now and we hardly notice the shiny brass any more. The kitchen carpet is still there, despite the fact that I dropped a roasting pan from which I’d just removed a leg of lamb on it.
    My husband says he’s ready to tackle the wood paneling. We’ll see.

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