I just wanted to boast really.

Look what I’ve got nestling at the foot of the Easter tree!



I just had a very nice lunchtime knitting session with Megan Not Martha and she gave me three of her exquisite chocolate and goodie-filled eggs which have been all round the blogosphere 85 times already.

I bet you wish you were me.



  1. says

    Nuh uh! No way!!
    How coool!
    Those eggs were BANANAS out of control. You’ll have to tell us if you actually ate them too! How sweet of her. BUt then again, you are fabulous so I’d probably give you one of my magic eggs if I were crafty enough to do something like that.
    Does she live up there too?
    HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! When is the Palm Springs getaway?? I’m so excited for you guys…

  2. says

    OF COURSE we’re going to eat them. The Minx keeps asking when she can eat the ‘Crack Mes’.
    Palm Springs is next weekend. CAN. NOT. WAIT…

  3. says

    They are very clever and I wish I had the patience to make things like that and not eat them while I’m doing it. I do love the colour, hope the Minx enjoys them.

  4. says

    Oh, you ARE lucky! Although, I don’t think I could dare to smash one (all that work!), even if it was full of chocolatey goodness and sweet treats!

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