Giving Thanks


Just heading into the Thanksgiving weekend here – always a slightly strange for us as Thanksgiving still means diddley squat to us Brits (though the Minx is starting to get more enthusiastic about it); we don’t have family here to spend it with; and most of our friends are with their families.

I’ve been feeling strangely lacking in mojo over the last few days, so I’m going to spend to take a few days off, relax, exercise, sleep, knit and sort out some stuff.  I’ll be back on Monday, but in the meantime if anyone wants to stop by and tell me what your best methods are for the regaining of mojo, I’m all ears. 

In the meantime here’s a sneak peak of crochet project number three.  And for all my lovely peeps in the US, happy Thanksgiving!

(I’ve been knitting up a storm over the last month or so, just not photographed everything. And I was a bit worried that this was turning into a knitting blog behind my back. But I’ll have a knitting update soon, I promise I bet you can’t wait.)



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    Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes. I hope your day was a good one even if no turkey was involved. As to loss of mojo…..let me know any secrets you discover.

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    Turkey WAS involved. I just didn’t cook it. We all went to Salty’s on Alki for their absolutely incredible Thanksgiving buffet. All festive and nice and exciting for the Minx. And that’s as much effort as I’m prepared to put into Thanksgiving…

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