Fancy Hotel of the Week – Mondrian Miami

I’ve never had much of a desire to go to Miami, but all that changed when I saw this hotel.  I totally adore the whimsy and wit of Marcel Wanders and his masterful use of shape and pattern, though the only thing I have that he’s designed are my gorgeous patterned storage boxes from Habitat.

The Mondrian Miami is still very ‘Miami’ with lots of shiny, lots of heavy columns and lots of huge curly chairs, but it does all look rather fun.


CfdfdaptureDesign details I love include the faces on the walls, the shiny white floors, the layered monochrome patterns, the indoor and outdoor chandeliers,  the strangely curving staircase and the funky modern chairs (not so keen on the faux French antique chairs, but I can see what he’s trying to do).




















  1. mlle paradis says

    Now that is glam! Verging on transcendental! Makes Kelly W. look like a kindergartner with finger paints (yes I have been paying attention). The Bathtub! The serial chandeliers by the pool! Are those grass-upholstered arches?! I’m with you, ” vaut le detour”.

  2. mlle paradis says

    Oh it’s not a bathtub! It’s the front desk! That’s too funny. It SHOULD be the bathtub! Champagne anyone?

  3. says

    Do you mean the silver mosaiced thingy? I believe that is the front desk for the spa. But wouldn’t it make the THE most unbelievable bathtub?

  4. mlle paradis says

    Unbe@#$$*#@*ble bathtub. Would have to start a trend of wearing silver sequined headdresses while bathing.

  5. says

    The interior design is totally superb! It’s a good place to stay at when you feel to live like a boss. One thing that mesmerized me the most was the shiny bathtub in the middle of the room. If I’ll ever bathe there, it will be dreamy and euphoric.
    -Kristel Guise

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