I was feeling pretty good about my new Alex drawers (finally somewhere to put my gorgeous Marcel Wanders boxes exported from the UK at great expense in March).

Until I saw these glorious Finn Juhl drawers on the Style Files.

I just love the colours, the shape of the drawers and the open-y/close-yness of the whole thing.  What a wonderful piece.  Finn Juhl has been quite the thing in blogland recently.  I’d kill for one of his tiny sofas.

It’s funny how things work out sometimes.  I bought the Marcel Wanders boxes on a whim and have been struggling to come up with a place to put them.  And then I bought the Ikea desktop also on a whim and realise they are a match made in heaven.  Some higher power obviously wants me to have a black and white graphic patterned office with pink and red accents. Which is absolutely fine by me.

Please ignore the green walls and er, broken blind. Which must be addressed forthwith. And the huge heap of unfiled magazines and catalogues shoved in the corner, which I’m too embarrassed even to show you.



  1. Beth says

    I actually like the green walls, especially how they accent the trim around your windows. The right shade of green is a nice neautral in some cases and I believe it works well in your office with the pink and black. Please keep writing! Yours is the only blog I read every day. I am always inspired! Ü

  2. says

    love your blog … just getting motivated to go back to blogging and what a pleasant surprise to see your great blog! how are you adjusting to living in Seattle, my boyfriend used to live in Seattle, now in New York … hence a lot of travel to New York … looking forward to reading more about your wonderful design world!

  3. says

    great blog, thanks for sharing with us your space … a fresh coat of off white paint would look fabulous or even an accent of charcoal or black to high light your desk … looking forward to seeing your space transform!

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