River Mirrors

I’m sorry and I’m enjoying life in the US more than I ever thought I would, but from a design perspective I still wish I was living in the UK, there’s so much fabulous stuff coming out of there.

A case in point are these spectacular ‘River Mirrors’ by British artist and designer Caryn Moberly {via The Art of C}.




Each River Mirror is created from beautiful pieces of burred elm and resemble water flowing between the natural banks of a river.  Caryn uses the natural undulating shape of the tree to form the ‘river banks’, and so no two mirrors are the same.

I find the choice of wood particularly poignant – as a very young child I lived close to a stand of magnificent elm trees and remember feeling quite overwhelmed by their height and majesty.  It pains me somewhat that, due to Dutch Elm Disease, it is unlikely that my daughter will ever see a mature elm tree in all its glory.



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    These are truly stunning. I want one! And so nice that they’re all different.
    I too am from the UK and miss some of the design sources there. But I think there’s more variety of style in the US and, being here, has taught me to appreciate mid-century styles so much more. So I guess it all balances out!

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    Actually you’re right about the mid-century modern stuff. Thanks for commenting, I checked out your blog and have added it to my reader – it looks great

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