glassybaby glasses

I’ve posted about fabulous Seattle-based company glassybaby a couple of times before – I absolutely adore their little votives – so you can imagine how thrilled I was to see in the latest issue of Seattle Magazine that they are now branching out into glassware proper.

These glasses just reek of summer.


I wasn’t so thrilled by the price though. Unfortunately the glasses are going to cost $50 each, so I can’t see me collecting many any time soon. If they are anything like the votives though they will be handblown and of exquisite quality.

(Image from Seattle Magazine).













They also don’t seem to be up yet on their website. In the meantime here are some gorgeous pictures of the original glassybabies to drool over.

(Images from the glassybaby website).




It appears from their blog that next Saturday(21st June) they’re holding one of their regular ‘seconds’ sales.  Just don’t buy the colours I’m after. 



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