Ocean Point Inn

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One day, when the Minx is older and we’re not so dependent on the Microsoft shilling, I’ll buy a big house somewhere breathtaking, with a beautiful outbuilding to run mirrormirror, an office for the Husband and the space to create a number of gorgeously designed luxury guest suites or cottages, which will incorporate all the best ideas we’ve come across from groovy boutique hotels around the world.

Which is sort of what the two guys who run Ocean Point Inn on the north Oregon coast have done.  Their contemporary beachfront house incorporates a number of suites which they’ve designed and decorated themselves to reflect all the best ideas they’ve encountered on their travels. 

Design details we loved included

– Primary coloured furniture on the beach – a contemporary orange bench and brightly-coloured Adirondack chairs

glassybabies to match the decor by the bed (the whole of the Pacific North West is glassybaby crazy it seems)

– black and white photos of the locality on canvas blocks on the walls

– a stylish and practical white leather convertible bed/sofa.  The Minx, who has hitherto been confined to her cot (keeps her out of trouble) loved her Big Girl Bed to bits. May have to make changes at home.

– cool, contemporary loungers – the sort I wanted to buy for the deck (though, to be truthful, not quite as comfortable as the ones we ended up with)

– a firepit overlooking the beach

Altogether one of the most thoughtfully-appointed rooms we’ve ever stayed in, which goes to prove that sometimes you just can’t beat the personal touch.

Despite a horrendous trip down (it was Friday 13th after all) featuring the death of the car’s power-steering, rushing round to hire a rental car, lost jewellery, unbelievably awful peak hour traffic, a traffic standstill due to a major accident and finally a speeding ticket, we had the most wonderful and relaxing weekend.  I just wished we’d booked for several weeks.



  1. Elizabeth says

    Wow, I feel a road trip coming on.
    Sorry to hear of your troubles though! Sounds like some of our trips we took in Europe. I have at least three funny rental car stories in three different countries that almost ruined vacation time. Glad it all turned out.

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