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I’m having a massive clear out ahead of the imminent arrival of my crazy Italian rellies (who hopefully do NOT read this blog) and have decided to limit myself to only a year’s worth of magazines. 

So if anyone in the Seattle area fancies getting their sticky mitts on back copies (from before June 2007, going back to 2005 in some cases) of Elle Decoration UK, Homes & Gardens UK, Vogue UK, Domino, Real Simple, Elle Decor then please contact me quick before they go in the recycling bin.



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    I am in seattle and I am in the process of doing the compact, so I can buy any magazines for the rest of the year, so I might be into grabbing them from you…
    Love your blog.

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    Paola! What are you thinking, my dear?! Get rid of the magazines? I thought about doing that too but then after a visit from the local housing authority I realized, while meandering through the stacks, that it totally distracted the agents. They were much too busy to “condemn” my home, and I even talked one into a Domino subscription! (Um…kidding.)
    Just say it’s part of your English eccentricity!;)

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