With apologies to Lottie.

The deck is now finished. And accessorised mostly as I would like, with the exception of the loungers which I still do not love.

In the end, after being warned off the Eames wire chairs, even with their cute bikinis, we went for these Ronde chairs, which, yes, can be found in cafes all over Europe.  I like their lightness, in contrast to the heaviness of the dark wood all around, and the way their curves echo the curves of the seating, the Marimekko poppies and the curvy tealight-holder from Crate and Barrel which wraps nicely round the umbrella.

Apologies for contrasty pics.  It’s bright up there! I’ll try and take some better ones in the softer evening light.

The Marimekko cushions have also arrived, accompanied by Marimekko placemats and coasters.  Overkill quite possibly but they were all in the sale after all. If you’re in a Marimekko frame of mind check out Lottie’s lovely pics here.

And I’m almost most pleased with the deck box, from Amazon of all places, which is exactly the right colour and fits in perfectly.

The new umbrella over the table is white, since none of you guys could tell me where to get a lilac one.  I’d still like a lilac one if truth be told. And a hammock.

But mostly we are just loving it up here.

We eat up here every night and the Minx has the ultimate pool with a view, which she adores and which is proving to be a great place to entertain various mothers and toddlers.  The toddlers splash and eat cupcakes in the pool, the mothers drink mojitos and everything and everyone can be hosed down afterwards.  Making it entirely my idea of a good party.



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