More Rug Insanity

This house is blessed with several acres of wooden floors and not a single carpeted area.  Add the fact that we only possess one smallish and grotty old rug, which is currently in the Minx’s toy room,  and you will understand why I’m currently on a rug buying frenzy.

Thanks to Patrick- from-Emma-Gardner’s (actually I think he’s her husband) very generous discount, the Spray rug is now on order and should be with us in about 20 weeks.

And then he very kindly offered me an even better discount if I wanted to buy more rugs.  What girl could resist?

So, for the main room downstairs,

we’ve chosen this instead of the Angela Adams rug I blogged about previously. 

I’m hoping the Citron green will fit in with the mood board and the flowers and circles will have a modern feel, without being too bold and overwhelming the room. 

And yes, I know we will soon have to talk about the ugly but extremely comfortable nursing chair between the fireplace and the bookshelf.




picture courtesy of Emma Gardner

We’ve also chosen a runner for the upstairs landing.  

This is the design we’ve chosen but have asked for it in custom colours so that it will complement the Spray rug which will be visible in the bedroom.

I do actually like the colours shown here, but thought I should go  go a bit more neutral since we haven’t yet decided on the schemes for the kitchen and bathroom.

Here are the four design options I had to choose from.  I think I’ve made up my mind but am wondering which one you would have chosen.  Remember it’s to complement this.







Which one would you choose?

Option 1                             Option 2                            Option 3

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  1. says

    I would have gone for option 2! For me, the Spray rug looks best with that runner. Option 1 doesn’t match the rug’s blue hue, and option 3’s blue circle is too big, so I’m all for the one in the middle. Which one did you choose?

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