Am very happy with my first Ebay purchase for the Minx’s bedroom. 

I don’t particularly want her to have very babyish decor – just art and pictures which are jolly and cheerful which she can treasure over the years.  She is already very fond of her ‘lady’ and likes to discuss the colours of the flowers and and her clothes and the ‘Christmas trees’. 

I like it because it’s beautifully worked in cross stitch on linen which has turned slightly brown with age, and because I rather like the sentiments expressed.  It’s nice to think that all the work that someone put into this will continue to be appreciated (at least by me) and I’m glad the Minx will have something old and loved in her room aside from all the plastic tat. I might have to reframe it at some point though, as the fact that the central line isn’t straight is really bugging me. (It’s tough being a Virgo).

Unlike my agonies of indecision about the main living and dining room, the scheme for the Minx’s bedroom is crystallizing apace in my mind and packages are arriving from various online shops at frightening speed.  I’ll put a bunch of pictures up together so you can see how it’s coming along when I get a moment.

In the meantime think green and pink, flowers and frog princes. 



  1. says

    i’m delurking to say, please do get that reframed – its squintness is driving me mad! (and i’m taurean not a virgo!!) I really enjoy your blog and love the shop (I bought the glorious pamela barsky piggy bank a few months back!) Have a great week.x.

  2. says

    Lesley – it’s always so nice when a reader delurks! So glad you like the piggy bank, it’s fab isn’t it? And yes, you’re right about the reframing.
    Rachelle, I started calling her the Minx on this blog and then realised that not many people in the US use the word. Which is a shame because she sure is minx-y.

  3. says

    I agree with the reframing. I think this was a perfect Ebay purchase. I just adore the colors in it and the sentiments that you expressed about its age. Tell us and show us more!

  4. lissie says

    Are we flowers in the garden of your life? Perennials or flash-in-the-pan annuals? Or occasionally pesky weeds?

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