Seeing the Light

The view from the Space Needle looking out across Puget Sound

My life seems to have entered a new phase. 

The last four years have, in all honesty, been a bit of a struggle. 

Losing my job; starting my business; going through a series of miscarriages; enduring a difficult birth and nursing a worryingy underweight baby; keeping the business going through early motherhood after my original business partner left; fretting about the Husband’s precarious job – then last year organising everything so we could move to Seattle; getting seriously ill and then finally moving to the other side of the world.

It’s been immensely frustrating for the most part as I always seemed to be treading water and just keeping everything ticking over rather than really focusing on building the business and taking it to the next level.

But now, suddenly, I feel like we’ve built a good platform for the future.  I have a beautiful home which delights me; a healthy, happy and funny two year-old; a business which is finally generating a steady stream of orders; a marriage which has survived some precarious times; some wonderful friends and pretty good health (if you discount a very bruised and swollen ankle sustained when I tripped over in the rest area on our way to visit friends in Portland, Oregon this weekend) and summer is just around the corner. 

As a result I’m going to refocus this blog a bit, as I feel it’s all got a bit self-indulgent.  I want to talk a lot more about running the business and taking it to the next level, and mix this in with a lot more general interior design stuff and of course, house renovation stuff. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Is it silly to feel a bit wary about pushing the ‘Publish’ button?  As if by writing about how content I am, I am somehow tempting fate?



  1. says

    I think everyone goes through rough patches. But if you hang in there (as you’ve done), it’s inevitible that things will begin to get better. So happy for you!

  2. says

    Always with you, although I don’t think you have been particularly self-indulgent. I’m glad you are feeling positive about your future, and no, it is not tempting fate to be happy.

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