Today I Am Mostly…

…watching things unfurl


It is ridiculous how excited I am that last year’s orchid has taken it upon itself to bloom again.  My orchids never ever ever rebloom despite a lot of cajoling. It has been overwintering in our bathroom and of course I have no idea what triggered it off this time.

If you’re not a green fingered orchid growing genius such as myself (ha ha!) then you may want to take a look at this comment thread on Shelterrific, which has loads of wonderful orchid advice.

For advice as to whether orchids have any place in interior decorating at all, I refer you to Decorno here.

And I can’t work out whether I like these Boskke sky planters available from Velocity – (I think I’m coming down on the side of ‘like’).

The images, from Sunset magazine, sure are pretty though.





  1. says

    Charlotte, I know exactly where you keep your orchid :)(which makes me sound very stalkerish).
    I’m still jealous of that photo you took of your orchid blooming a couple of years back…
    Liz, maybe you should move Orchid Hospital to the bathroom..

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